+ What is required to join a tour?

Riders must have a valid drivers license with proper motorcycle endorsement.

Riders must have at least 2 years of experience operating a motorcycle, or over 3,000 miles. It is suggested that riders participate in a nationally recognized motorcycle training course.

Riders must have proof of motorcycle insurance.

Riders and passengers must wear a helmet at all times, regardless of local laws. It is also strongly suggested and encouraged riders and passengers wear other riding gear for comfort and protection.

+ How do I sign up?

When you go to the "Rides" page on our website, and find the right trip for you, go ahead and pay the trip deposit. You will be prompted to fill out a form, read our terms and conditions and pay your deposit. From there, you will have up to 30 days before the tour to pay the remaining balance and print, sign and mail in the Waiver and release of liability and assumption of Risk form. Once we receive all of that, we will mail out a packet containing all of the information needed to help you pack and prepare for your trip. All available maps, routes and contact information will be provided.

+ What about a motorcycle?

MotobirdAdventures does not rent motorcycles. You will need to ride your own or rent one. If you need to rent one, we are happy to put you in touch with a local company.

+ What should I wear?

Riders and passengers are required to wear DOT approved helmets at all times (even off the motorcycle! ...no not off the motorcycle) We also STRONGLY suggest you wear motorcycle gloves, armored motorcycle jacket, armored motorcycle pants and protective motorcycle boots.

+ What is included in the price?

Lodging for each night of the trip is included. Accommodation will be in double occupancy rooms unless otherwise noted.

Meals provided will be listed in the trip description, most dinners and breakfasts will be included in the trip cost.

A support vehicle will be provided for Baja's dual sport tour. Other trips may or may not have a support vehicle. This information will be listed in the trip description. Support vehicles will be able to carry luggage and tow a motorcycle if any mechanical or medical issues arise.

Tour guide. One or more tour guides will be available per trip, depending on the type of terrain. It isn't necessary to ride with a tour guide, but riders are welcome to do so.

Information packet. After receipt of full payment, signed waiver and registration for a tour, participants will receive a package containing all of the information needed to help you pack and prepare for your trip. All available maps, routes, contact information and hotel listings will be provided.

+ What isn't included in the price?

Gas is not included. Some meals are not included, specific details about which ones can be found in the trip description. Any expenses for getting you to and from the tour start and end location. Motorcycle rental, anything you would like to buy along the way, alcoholic beverages and insurance are not included in the price.

+ Are men allowed on the tours?

Great question! The motorcycle industry is heavily focused on male riders and has been for a very very very long time. Luckily times are changing, but it is a slow moving change. We are interested in providing a space and activities for women riders, to encourage them to get out there and ride. We are also interested in letting women know that there are opportunities and spaces for them in this male dominated industry.

Motobird Adventures is run for women riders, that being said, we understand many folks like to travel with their partner or friend and we more than welcome that. Bring your husband... if you want.

Another thing that is very important for us to acknowledge is that gender is fluid and not black and white, there is a broad spectrum of what it means to be woman; we understand and respect that.

We are not a dating opportunity for single male riders. And we also acknowledge that there are plenty of men who aren't interested in heading out on a testosterone fueled, 500 mile a day, racing through the curves, type of tour. If you fit in that category, reach out! I know of a great tour company for you, with trips all over the world.

+ What about weather?

Unfortunately at this time, MotobirdAdventures has zero control over weather. Luckily we have foresight. We will do our best to schedule tours based on general seasonal weather. That being said- if it rains, we will still ride. Please be prepared for weather with layers, rain gear and whatever else you may need. We will absolutely consider whatever situations we come across and will adjust accordingly, keeping everyone's safety in mind.

+ What should I bring?

You will be provided a suggested packing list once you make your final payment for your trip.

+ I have dietary restrictions

Me too! Don't sweat it, we will work it out. When you pay the deposit on a trip, you will be prompted to fill out a form, you can list your dietary restrictions and we will take it from there.

+ Are single/private rooms available?

Single occupancy rooms are available, but not on all trips. They will cost more. Please contact us directly if you are interested in a single occupancy room.

+ What about insurance?

MotobirdAdventures is insured but does not sell insurance. It's a great idea to get travel insurance.

For the Baja tours, Mexican insurance is required to operate a vehicle while in Mexico. We will be sure to provide you with the information about this when you sign up for a trip. There are many options for Mexican Insurance and you can even buy it at the border.

+ I'm interested in a private group tour- is that something you offer?

Yes! We are happy to put something together for you and your group. There is a minimum requirement of 4 riders for private tours. Please contact us and we can discuss details.

+ I still have questions...

That's fine! Just shoot us an email motobirdadventures@gmail.com; We are happy to answer any questions you may have!