Kerri Dougherty is the sole owner of Motobird Adventures. As a CMSP instructor, she is dedicated to safety and continual furthering of her riding skills and education. Fluent in English & Spanish, as well as CPR, AED & first aid certified. 

After riding for 2 years, she decided she wanted more. She sold off all she had then hit the road, leaving Baltimore on her Kawasaki KLR650 and never looking back. Riding alone over 10,000 miles, across 19 states and to the tip of Baja, Mexico allowed the ability to overcome difficulties and challenge her in new ways. Traveling has always been a passion, learning to ride threw fuel on that fire.

Guiding others on adventures started as a fun pastime, it has now grown to become Motobird Adventures.  The whole idea of Motobird Adventures isn't to leave men out, but just to shift the focus to women.



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Heartsaver First Aid          & CPR AED Certified